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Mentoring-Training-Microcredit programme is semi-finalist in European Social Innovation Competition 2013


NGO ETNA Estonia idea about offering support for rural women business start-ups was selected from 605 candidates as one of the 30 semi-finalists.

Women’s underrepresentation in entrepreneurship is the problem for most of the European countries, which means we are not using the entrepreneurial potential of the whole society. At the same time microbusinesses are giving substantial input for the European employment and innovation. On individual level, being the entrepreneur means having a job and income, higher social status, self-confidence and empowerment, which is especially important for women in rural areas. Being the entrepreneur helps women to prevent unemployment, poverty and enforces sustainable people who can provide for themselves and their families and stand on their own feet. Becoming the entrepreneur is not always easy. Although there might be great idea for business, women often need support and encouragment for the first steps. Our idea is to prepare the model for starting entrepreneurs in rural areas in Estonia. The programme lasts one year and includes groupmentoring, entrepreneurship trainings and microcredit for women. The idea of microcredit works on principles of group loan, which gives extra value of entrepreneurs making cooperation, acting together in the community, helping and supporting each other. Therefore the programme works on many levels, for individuals giving job opportunities and income, but also in communities fostering cooperation and development.


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